Zahabiya Chemcial Industries, Karach, Pakistan - ISO Certified - Adhesives, Sealants, Construction Chemicals, Water Proofing & Sealing Compounds for multifarious industrial and commercial utilities
Range of Civil Construction Products
Excel Bond ZGPA-7/321
Excel Bond (Special) ZGPA-7/223
Water Shield ZSAC-10/55
Water Shield ZFRC-10/60
Polymeric Canvas
Soft Seal Special ZSP-1191
Sealing Gum ZSG-12/99
Sealing Compound ZSC-13/63
Sealing Compound (T/F Grade ZSC-13/68)
Transparent Sealer ZTS-14
SBR Latex Emulsion 160 & 161
Special Binder Sealer-16/121
ConcreMight ZUBA-16/123
ConcreMight ZUBA-16/127
Repecoat RP-17/9
Zahabiya Chemcial Industries, Karach, Pakistan - ISO Certified - Adhesives, Sealants, Construction Chemicals, Water Proofing & Components for multifarious industrial and commercial utilities
Adhesives, Sealants, Construction Chemicals, Coatings, Water Proofing and Sealing Compounds for multifarious industrial and commercial utilities time tested since 1972

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Zahabiya's Range of time tested Construction Chemicals provides a customer, complete solution to all his problems under an umbrella of one brand. Being the pioneer in the manufacturing of such vast range of construction chemicals, admixtures and waterproofing chemicals, esp. for our climatic conditions in Pakistan, Zahabiya has been continuously involved in the research & development, taking advantage of the latest technologies available throughout the world.

Whether constructing a new project or renovating an old one, laying foundation/ plinth or finishing the job, constructing a basement or a roof, a residence or a multi storied building; fixing windows, tiles, claddings or stones; roof gardens, flower beds, waterproofing roofs, underground or overhead tanks, asbestos or metallic shades; filling up cracks, expansion or construction joints, we have the right product for your every need, which adds up to the value of your project by providing best protective and aesthetic solutions in a most economical way. Our aim is:

Zahabiya Excel Bond ZGPA-7/321 is water based white polymeric emulsion adhesive for normal pasting & bonding. Used for porous surface bonding/ pasting, the adhesive gives a bond, which is not affected by the climatic and atmospheric variations and is cold waterproof for short spells. Being completely starch and cellulose free, the bond obtained also resists microorganism growth provided used as supplied.

Zahabiya Excel Bond ZGPA-7/223 Special is a MULTI PURPOSE, water based, latex/ rubber reinforced co-polymeric, starch free, fast drying coating, bonding and laminating white adhesive having numerous satisfactory usage. In Civil Construction & Carpentry field, effectively usable for almost all the bonding, fixing, laminating, coating, sizing applications covering a wide range of substrates including sensitive/ delicate plastics. The bond attained is waterproof, unaffected with weather/ climatic changes, resistant to fungal growth if used as supplied.
The cold applied & ready to use, rubber reinforced acrylic water proofing sealing system, which can be applied with advantages as a liquid membrane for exposed to atmosphere areas, roofs, basements, water reservoirs, flower-beds, plinth level sub-soil areas, boundary walls and upon other cement/concrete surfaces. Especially suited for application on surfaces located in saline or water logged environment. This coating penetrates in capillaries & pores, sealing and strengthening the concrete/masonry preventing the decay/erosion of applied surfaces. Also Recommended for application at coastal areas as the reliable exterior weather resistant paint, which withstands harsh climatic changes. Also reduces direct sun-heat transmission when applied in white colour. Perfectly safe in handling, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-cracking, non-fungal and safe for drinking water reservoirs applications. Available in many colours.
It is a flame retardant grade of Zahabiya Water Shield, providing fire/ flame retardant properties to cloth, wood, fabric and other combustible cellulose substrates, along with its traditional excellent vapour barrier and waterproofing properties. Applied by brush, roller or mechanical spray devices, this product forms a waterproof and flame retardant coating on the substrate. Available in different colours, it is mainly recommended for HVACR applications on Heating, Cooling & Ventilation Ducts .
POLYMERIC CANVAS is a fabric reinforced acrylic and copolymeric membrane, formed by impregnation of pure Cotton Canvas Cloth with a special, elastic, U/V & weather resistant Polymeric Coating, Zahabiya Water Shield (Sealing Adhesive Coat) ZSAC-10/55, one of our time tested export quality product, being manufactured by us since 1972 and possessing excellent vapour barrier, water proofing & thermal insulation properties. The canvas cloth so treated becomes comparatively ‘rough & tough’ in usage resisting the climatic changes and subsoil damages.
Zahabiya Soft Seal Specal ZSP-1191 is a mastic caulk, forming a soft gasket seal on self-curing. At all such places where soft, leakage free seams & joints are required, it provides a gas-tight, vapour barrier, waterproof, weather resistant reliable protective seal, possessing good adhesion with all types of wooden, metallic (including aluminium), plastics, glass, R.C.C. surfaces etc. In Civil Construction. It is better used as construction & expansion joint sealant and masonry crack sealant, which can be painted over. ZSP-1191 conforms to the requirements of ASTM C920 Type-S. Also used for non-cementitious grouting of tiles, stones, marbles etc. The product is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-fungal, and non-polluting and safe in handing, replacing the normal Toxic Silicon Sealants. Available in various colours in 300g cartridges and bulk packages.
Zahabiya Sealing Gum ZSG-12/99 is permanent, sticky, elastic, re-usable putty possessing high cohesion, tack, elongation & excellent non-ageing properties. Used for the maintenance as the water/ air/ gas-tight sealant and water stopper with good adhesion on the metallic, wooden, concrete and plastic surfaces. At all such special jobs, the product will solve the problem effectively being weather resistant, oil proof, non-flammable, non-conductor of electricity, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-cracking and safe in handling. Best used in different pipes assemblies at collar joints and flanges as an instant and effective gap sealer. In Civil Construction, it is used for filling-in and permanent watertight sealing of Expansion Joints (Vertical/Horizontal) especially in seismic zones due to its unmatched elongation properties and ever-soft plastic caulk/ sealant.
Zahabiya Sealing Compond ZSC-13/63 is a dense gaskety air drying material providing best air tight, water/ oil proof, vapour barrier and insulating protective seal. This is an excellent sealant/ caulk coupled with adhesion on metals, plastics, polystyrene, wood, cement plaster, mosaic, marble and ceramic tiles. Effective at all such places where leakage free Seams/Joints are needed, it insulates well and protects the metallic pipes from rusting and corrosion, for underground or weather exposed jobs, eliminating the conventional adhesive tape wrapping system.
Zahabiya Sealing Compound (Tile Fixing Grade ZSC-13/68) is most effective in Pasting/Fixing Ceramic, Marble, Wooden and Vinyl Tiles eliminating the use of cement mixture. This material has many advantages over the conventional cementitious products such as rapid strength development, quick commissioning of tiled area and high bond strength of tiles with variety of substrates including concrete, wood and metal. Normally apply undiluted rich coats on both the joining surfaces and paste firmly.
Zahabiya Transparent Sealer ZTS-14 is a transparent vinyl/acrylic sealer dries into a clear, strongly bonded tough, glossy film with excellent non-cracking, non-peeling, weather resistant & abrasion resistant properties. Especially used to seal minute pores, pin holes, hairline cracks and minor leakage of the liquids and oxidising gases, Zahabiya TS-14 is particularly advantageous during civil construction and structural fabrication to save exposed iron/steel/aluminium from oxidation and corrosion, being safe at coastal areas applications. In wood working/carpentry field, it is used as wood preservative and waterproof polishing lacquer. Best as U/V resistant protective lacquer, Floor Sealer/ hardener & dust proofer.
These grades of tropicalised Latex are specifically used in Civil Construction industry as the bonding agent for old to new concrete as well as a reliable admixture for cement, concrete re-surfacing to make it strong and non-cracking, resisting the erosion by chlorine and carbon dioxide attacks besides improving its water proofing properties. SBR-160 & 161 can also be used in thin layer patching mortars, mortar of fixing brick slips, tiles; floor screeds and for corrosion protection of steel reinforcements. SBR-161 is more water proof and high solid content product than SBR-161.
It is a water borne, acrylic based clear, protective, deep penetrating coating used on porous or non porous surfaces as water proof, non-flammable, non-toxic, non staining, weather, U/V, mildew & organic growth resistant. Suitable for Fair Face applications, brick work, pavements, wooden surfaces etc. to protect from the harmful effects of weather, oxidation, erosion and water penetration, providing ever “wet” look with sheen and excellent ageing resistance. It can be applied on dry or slightly damp surfaces as a capillary sealing system.
ZUBA is acrylic based co-polymeric, latex reinforced bonding adhesive and ASTM C494 Type-A concrete admixture, used with mortars/concrete compositions for increasing remarkably water resistance, compressive & tensile strength, resistance against weathering, erosion, corrosion, carbonation and chlorination, compensating many deficiencies of the mortar slurries/mix. It is ideal for bonding old to new concrete, preparation of non-shrink grouts & machinery foundation, tile fixation and providing fast setting properties of cement aggregates. Best for use in construction of basements & water reservoirs, as it helps to increase salinity resistance and water proofing properties. Due to the high flexural, compressive strength, reinforcing and other properties imparted by ZUBA-16/123, it is preferred for use in seismic zone constructions.
ConcreMight-PD (ASTM C1107) is a polymer reinforced bonding additive & cement/concrete grouting admixture powder, which when blended with fresh dry cement as per recommended ratios, provides non-shrink & non-cracking properties to the concrete structure, increasing the compressive & flexural strength, resistance against water/salt penetration and weather resistance. Best for sub-soil and water-logged areas, waste water ponds, effluent drains, basements, underground water tanks, machinery foundation preparations. It also best helps sealing/ plugging water seepage, as it provides fast setting & strength build up to concrete mixture.
Zahabiya ZUBA 16/127 (ASTM C494 Type A) is a low dosage, highly concentrated, liquid bonding additive used for grouting, sealing, plugging & high strength cement admixture to suit a variety of specialized construction utilities, especially at high water level areas. Used beneficially for the applications requiring high initial/ green compressive strength, fast setting, non-shrink grouting & non-cracking properties of concrete in the extreme climatic conditions. Strongly recommended for saline, waterlogged, marine, seaside & coastal areas, drains and other wet areas, basements, overhead and underground water tanks, foundations, zones of road bridges exposed to continuous water spray, guarding the structure from chlorination and carbonation effects.
A water based, ASTM C309 Class 'A' type, safe to use concrete curing compound of high efficiency behaving as liquid membrane for curing all freshly laid cement/ plastered surfaces as an impervious continuous, reflective film preventing water evaporation ensuring complete hydration of concrete. It helps to reduce cracks due to the thermal expansion. It is an efficient means of retaining the moisture and water in freshly laid concrete, preventing pre-mature drying out allowing the process of hydration under optimum conditions.
A naphthalene sulphonic acid based, chloride based water reducing admixture & super plasticizer conforming to ASTM C494 Type D and F with excellent plasticization, initial set retardation and superior surface finish. Used at low dosages, it provides up to 22% of water reduction, thereby increasing concrete strength and other properties appreciably. It can be used with Cement as well as other hydraulic binders for pre-cast concretes, high strength concrete, industrial slabs, light weight concrete, pre-stressed concretes, bridges, flyovers, dams, canals, and other water tight structures.
Zahabiya Repecoat RP-17/9 is a silicon based excellent water repellent invisible coating, providing fresh look, characteristic beading effect to a wide range of inorganic porous materials including all kind of concretes such as mortar, reinforced, aerated & fare face concretes, gypsum and mineral plasters, natural and artificial stones, various kinds of brickworks, mineral paints (white wash) etc. Applied by brush or spray, this non-yellowing, U/V & weather resistant coating significantly reduces problems of dirt pickup, rust stains, curtaining, lime leaching (white marks), efflorescence, salt damage etc., destruction of reinforcements in concrete due to corrosion and growth of fungi, lichen, moulds, algae and other micro-organisms. Zahabiya REPECOAT is an excellent undercoat/ primer for damp-rise areas providing dry re-paintable surface.